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Final Starters - CHOICE ONE!
The final forms of SHARPLE, FELYN'X and WILLABY

# 012 - QUETZALADA - The Vorpal Pokémon
Types: Steel / Dragon
Abillities: Clear Body; Vorpal * (hidden)
* Cutting moves (slash, fury cutter, fury swipes, scratch, dual chop) will always result in critical hits

This Pokémon flies at impressive speeds, easily breaking the sound barrier. Your body has developed to cut off any obstacle in front of you during the flight, whatever it may be; His whole body is sharp, with greater prominence his great wings. Your legs can retract into your body, further enhancing your aerodynamic efficiency. In ancient times it had been worshiped as a deity by the inhabitants peoples to the north of the continent, a region of high peaks, where this Pokémon usually makes its nests.


HP: 75
ATK: 115
DEF: 80
SATK: 60
SDEF: 80
SPD: 120


Lvl1: peck
Lvl5: growl
Lvl9: fury attack
Lvl14: metal sound
Lvl19: dual chop
Lvl22: aerial ace
Lvl28: sharpen
Lvl36: supersonic break * (steel type, 80 pwr physical, breaks barriers like reflect and light screen)
Lvl44: slash
Lvl56: drill peck
Lvl65: guilliotine

# 015 - N'YABULA - The Nebula Pokémon
Types: Fairy / Dark
Abillities: Serene Grace; Premonition *
* Super effective moves used against this Pokémon will be void

Enigmatic and mysterious, it is said that when this Pokémon appears when a falling star appears in the sky. Its power comes from the starlight that it can absorb using the orbs attached to its tails. When his three tails unfold is the moment when N'yabula shows his greatest ability: when in a moment of deep anger and rancor, he uses all his power to create a small black hole that sucks everything in front of him.


HP: 75
ATK: 75
DEF: 70
SATK: 130
SDEF: 100
SPD: 80


Lvl1: scratch
Lvl5: tail whip
Lvl9: bite
Lvl16: fairy wind
Lvl22: cosmic power
Lvl28: wish
Lvl36: nebula burst * (fairy type, 90 pwr special, decreases acc and satk of opponent on one level)
Lvl 43: tail slap
Lvl50: dark pulse
Lvl61: moonlight

# 018 - KANGARUDE - The Assault Pokémon 
Types: Fighting / Ground
Abillities: Technician; Pump Up *
* Movements used successively will have increased power

This Pokémon does not ignore any dispute, even if it is injured or at a disadvantage. His punches are fast and devastating, releasing shockwaves so great that they cause earthquakes. His kicks are strong enough to demolish buildings and crack open mountains.
He is known to rival other Pokémon fighters, but he has a special feud with Incineroars; When two of these species meet they will fight to the death.


HP: 100
ATK: 135
DEF: 93
SATK: 50
SDEF: 77
SPD: 75


Lvl1: pound
Lvl4: leer
Lvl12: quick attack
Lvl16: power up punch
Lvl19: comet punch
Lvl24: bulk up
Lvl29: bulldoze
Lvl36: ferocious rush * (fighting type, 30 pwr, 2 - 5 hits)
Lvl44: dynamic punch
Lvl50: stomping tantrum
Lvl59: quick guard
Lvl60: earthquake
# 001- MOSLOTH - Moss Sloth Pokémon; Grass type
Mosloth has a docile temperament and slow movements, since he usually does not spend much energy and thus spend great periods of time without feeding. It has a cover of moss symbionts that end up doing photosynthesis, providing energy to the mosloth.
Abillity: Overgrow / Comatose (hidden)
DEF - 55
SATK - 45
SPD - 30

# 004 - CHARCOON - Racoon Pokémon; Fire type
Charcoon is playful and friendly, not afraid of humans. Very curious, usually steals backpacks and purses of those who stroll through the forest careless. The more excited Charcoon is, the redder his tail gets and the stronger his fire attacks.
Abillity: Blaze / Pickpocket (hidden).
DEF - 44
STAK - 58
SDEF - 44
SPD - 61

# 007 - MANABY - Manatee Pokémon; Water type
Manly and careless, manaby is an easy-to-care and trained pokémon, being a great choice for beginner coaches. It has a thick blanket of fat that protects it from the cold, and usually lives on the edge of rivers, where it feeds on algae.
Abillity: Torrent / Thick Fat (hidden)
STAK - 58
SPD - 40

# 010 - SHARPLE - Sharp Head Pokémon; Steel / Flying types
Though gaunt and walking and flying, Sharple pays off in battle for having a strong innate determination, and intimidates opponents greater than him by sporting his sharp crest; This may be able to slice up diamonds.
Abillity - Iron will *, Vorpal **
DEF - 70
STAK - 45
SDEF - 56
SPD - 45
* When with 25% of HP or less, increases the power of movements of the Steel type.
** Moves that deal damage from recoil will always result in critical hits

# 013 - FELYN'X- The Feline Pokémon; Fairy type
Abillities: Sparkle *, Premonition **

The ancients say that the jewel that Felyn'x carries in the chest is of extraterrestrial origin, and would explain the supernatural powers of this Pokémon. On starlit nights, her fur glistens like a nebula.
STAK - 68
SPD - 62
* When 25% of HP or less, the power of Fairy-like moves increases.
** Pokémon with this ability does not receive super effective damage

# 016 - WILLABY - Wallabee Pokémon; Fighting type
Abillities - Warcry *, Pump Up ** (hidden)

It may seem cute and harmless, but Willaby is a shrewd fighter with devastating kicks despite his size. Usually carry rocks inside your bag on the belly to get heavier and thus increase the efficiency of your training.
DEF - 55
SDEF - 58
SPD - 45
* When with 25% HP or less, the Fighting type moves power increases
** Increases gradually the power of movements used successively
Mosloth REdesign
# 001- MOSLOTH - Moss Sloth Pokémon;
Mosloth has a docile temperament and slow movements, since he usually does not spend much energy and thus spend great periods of time without feeding. It has a cover of moss symbionts that end up doing photosynthesis, providing energy to the mosloth.
Abillity: Overgrow / Comatose (hidden)

DEF - 55
SATK - 45
SPD - 30
- Pocket Records taken from the Great Fauna of Old Samaya -
SAMAYAN TOTODILE - Big Jaw Pokémon; Fighting type
Abillity: Strong Jaw, Sheer force

Due to the loss of habitat for other Water types inhabiting the Great River that cuts the mainland in half, the totodiles of Samaya migrated to the Khrona desert and adapted there.

They lived under the scorching sand, buried during the day and out hunting in the absurd cold of the nights. Its skin is highly adapted to dehydration and has a highly refined thermal control; Cooling during the day and warming at night.

Despite losing water and acquiring certain ground-type characteristics, Samaya's Totodile is a skilled fighter, using fists and jaws to shatter rocks that are obstacles while moving under the sand. His hunting strategy is very peculiar: when he perceives a prey, he throws a punch that stuns her, and ends with a powerful bite.
- Pocket Records taken from the Great Fauna of Old Samaya -
SAMAYAN CHIKORITA - Leaf Pokémon; Flying / Fairy types
Abillity: Unburden, Friend Guard (hidden)

Samaya's Chikorita does no more photosynthesis, all the energy was directed to the flower-like structure in her head that enables the flight; This one, was developed to allow the Pokémon a fast movement through the forests and meadows that usually are their habitat. Its size is much reduced compared to its counterpart of Johto, and this reduction helps it to be carried by the wind and be less detected by predators. It still has a strong connection with the characteristic nature of the fairy type, so Samayan Chikorita still retains many grass-like movements.

He is a gentle pokémon, but very shy and fragile, so it is a little human presence and usually flees away. The keen sense of the Fairy type allows Chikorita to discern the intentions of living beings, serving as a seventh sense.

By coincidence, the trio of starters of Johto Samayan form, maintains combinations of type that are balanced as well as their traditional forms.
Anyone interested in partnering with my work with fakemon? If you know how to work with digital art and are interested, contact us! : D


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