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The four Seasons
... A long time ago was entrusted to four creatures the task of caring for and maintaining the balance of the various ecosystems found on the continent of Samaya. Each of these creatures were separated and sealed in certain places and only released at certain times of the year which govern absolute and without interference from one another. However, on specific days, in the transition of the seasons, it is always marked by their encounter, which results in the fervent power of their bodies and when they can show their true forms ....

-Transcript of a page from the Book of the Ages, located at the Temple of Khrona, at Merik. -

# Floralis (Avatar form) - The Bloom Pokémon; Grass / Fairy types
Abillity: Royal Bloom *

Floralis represents the rebirth, being the embodiment of spring. His nature is gentle and friendly, and although distrustful of humans, they accept those who care for and protect nature. It has the ability to revive dead plants and heal Pokémon and sick people with only their sweet pollen.
It has several temples of worship in the South Frontier of the continent, and it is said that its resting place is on a small and isolated island in the middle of Sapphire Lake.

* Grass tarrain is activated until removed from the field, all Grass Pokémon has its Satk and Sdef increased.

# Coronis (Avatar form) - Scorched seed Pokémon; Grass / Fire types
Abillity: Scorched Land *

It represents resistance, being the embodiment of summer. When awake, it initiates fires in the forests, which gives an ungrateful fame to this Pokémon; But Coronis' work is to continue the plant's life cycle and return essential nutrients to the soil, making the new generation grow strong and healthy. It is worshiped in the Eastern Frontier, and its main temple is in the Khrona Desert, known for the fertile lands along the Samaya River.

* Sunny day is activated until removed from the field, all Fire Pokémon has its Spd and Def increased.

# Aufernis (Avatar form) - Withered Pokémon; Grass / Ghost types
Abillity: Fade Out *

It represents death, being the embodiment of autumn. This Pokémon emanates strong negative energies, which causes everything that touches, fades and falls dead. It absorbs the essence of those who die and stores it, slowly donating it to the new lives that will be born. As a symbol of negative forces, Aufernis is nowhere to be worshiped, but rumors have it that a small temple in its name exists in the middle of the Deep Marsh, on the East Frontier, in the vicinity of the Evergreen Forest.

* Ghost Pokémon recover one part of HP per turn, while those that are not, lose.

# Conidea (Avatar form) - Winter tree Pokémon; Grass / Ice types
Abillities: Hailstorm *

It represents patience and is personification of the rigorous winter. The cold winds created from his body make the environment around him a real challenge to those who live there, leaving only the strongest standing, so the people of the North are known to be strong and vigorous thanks to the power of Conidea. It is worshiped in the North Frontier, in the lands of AltasVoces, where there are several temples for its adoration.

Invokes infinite Hail until removed from the field; Removes Ice type weaknesses.
Pick Pocket
# Koyothief (female) - Light steps Pokémon; Dark / Fairy types
Abillities: Midnight, PickPocket (hidden)

The female of this species is discreet and sneaky, her footsteps can not be heard and her legs move at a blinding speed. They are misleading by nature and prefer to take what they want with subtlety, unlike their male counterpart. Despite all this bad fame, they are trustworthy and caring to those they love.

Koyotee> lvl up learned Thief> Koyothief
Street Fighter
# Koyothief (male) - Troublemaker Pokémon; Dark / Fighting types

Abillities: Midnight, Filter (hidden)

Wherever it leaves a trail of chaos, this Pokémon is often avoided by people and other Pokémon. It has the habit of looking for strong opponents to challenge, especially other Fighting type Pokémon, especially Blazikens and Lucarios, for having a special feud with them. Their main pleasures are destroy, steal and fight, and approaches those who also like these things.

They excel at the art of street fighting, and they know how to beat and catch (the source of the Filter skill) and can be seen as leading "gangs" of Scraftys and Scraggys
# Koyotee - The Malicious Pokémon; Dark type

Abillity: Midnight *, Prankster (hidden)

Do you know when you hear a suspicious noise in the middle of the night? Maybe it's this Pokémon. Koyotees are active only when the sun goes down, and invade buildings and houses in search of easy food. They are solitary, rarely seen in family groups; Since their way of acting is silent, if they were in flock this would not be possible.

Koyotee> lvl up after learning Thief> Koyothief

* Gives priority to Dark type moves
" Men, with his qualities of nobles, still carries in the body the indelible mark of his modest origin "

Charles Darwin
Anyone interested in partnering with my work with fakemon? If you know how to work with digital art and are interested, contact us! : D


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